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website services

If you’re a business owner, even if you only have a small shop, by know you’re probably convinced that having a functional and visible website is no longer optional. Our Search Engine Optimization & Marketing Company can provide you with a full range of website services, from hosting to professional design, mobile websites, E-commerce solutions and mobile app development.


Why Choose Our Website Services?

QuestionAs today more than 80% of customers perform an online search before purchasing a service, a highly visible, professional and easily navigable website is a powerful marketing tool that can truly make a difference.


At Scoompy Inc. we provide you with reliable website hosting, customized for your specific needs. Our hosting packages are suitable for personal from small to medium sized businesses. Our offer includes free top domain name, domain name registration, website builder installer, web design and web content tools, email features, a good deal of pre-installed helpful scripts and much more. Our Site Submission tool will save you time from having to visit every search engine to submit your site while our Popularity Check tool will allow you to see how many results for your website are listed among search engine results. Our affordable hosting, web based email access and unlimited mail accounts will help you develop and maintain a positive internet presence.


Website Design

As professional and dynamic websites can launch a small business, we provide our clients with customized web design according to their business type and personal style, to meet their specific needs. Resulting web pages will be not just pleasing to look at but also search engine optimized. Our affordable services will provide you with a professional but easily navigable site, with features that allow visitors to engage. All subpages will be easily accessible and indexable by search engines and you’ll have the possibility to ad an unlimited number of pages or to turn a section of your site into a blog. We can build custom or registration forms if you wish and ad PFDs or Excel sheets for your customers to download. Remember: you communicate with your customers and business partners through your website, so you should strive to make a first good impression by choosing our professional services.

Mobile Websites

2013 is the first year predicted that tablets, smartphones and generally mobile devices will outsell PCs. This means more people will access your website from a mobile device and unless you want them to have an unpleasant experience and turn to your competitors, it is time to optimize your site for mobile devices. Responsive web design is based on the use of media queries: the website is able to determine the screen resolution of the device is being displayed on and grids and image resize themselves to fit the screen. Of course responsive web design is more expensive than mobile web design, but it is definitely an investment for the future as even Google recommends it. According to your specific needs and budget we can provide you with a mobile website, where contact information are highly visible with mobile specific features such as click-to-call, alongside your exact services and visitors have direct links to the main pages of your site.

E-Commerce Solutions

Websites that are designed to achieve sales must have a professional and reliable e-commerce component. As there are various platforms available, we carefully discuss with our clients the specific of their business and their exact goals to determine which platform is more suitable for their needs. If you choose our e-commerce solutions, we’ll make sure:

  • Your site executes flawless transactions
  • Your clients can purchase products in maximum security
  • Your products are periodically updated
  • Clients can enjoy an easy purchasing process

No matter the type of your business or the amount of targeted sales, we have the exact solution you need to develop a strong and reliable online presence.

Mobile App Development

As internet users are more commonly using mobile devices to access the web, for website owners it is profitable to have such applications developed for their site. The most popular mobile apps include games, music and IM apps, and they come either preloaded on the device or can be downloaded from online stores. However mobile apps are also highly useful in e-commerce, and our team of software developers can provide you with Android App, Windows Mobile App, Blackberry App or an iPhone App to allow your visitors to take action from their mobile devices even without having internet connection.

Mobile app

For more information on our website services and to determine whether a mobile website or a mobile application would be more appropriate for your business, please contact our office today.


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