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Search Engine Optimization

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Search engine optimization services for your business.

SEO is done for specific keywords or phrases and it includes the effort of improving both on-page elements such as titles, URLs, Meta descriptions and content and off-page elements such as link building. By now the vast majority of website owners use some type of SEO techniques as online marketing has become the most efficient form of marketing available today.


Why Search Engine Optimization?

whySearch Engine Optimization is the process of improving the elements of a website with the purpose of gaining increased traffic through higher listings in the major search engines’ result page.

Keyword Research

Before launching any SEO campaign a basic but crucial process has to be performed: keyword research. Keywords are the search terms online visitors are using to find your business. All websites are optimized for a specific set of keywords. Our SEO team will research the most popular keywords in your area of activity as every search phrase used in search engines is recorded and stored. This analysis goes beyond Wordtracker data as we’ll also look into visitor behavior, establish which keywords are generating higher traffic to your website and make sure every keyword is relevant to a specific page of your site.


Custom CMS

CMS or content management system is a web application developed to allow non-technical users to ad, edit and manage a website. The chosen application should:

  • allow users to create relevant meta tags and titles with the chosen keywords

  • provide feedback on how specific elements will influence the page’s performance

  • do not create URLs that look dynamic, preventing search engines to index it

  • allow content optimization as it is created

  • have integrated SEO features

The content management system we’ll provide you with is SEO friendly and easy to use. Your site becomes editable by Admin, you have full control over URLs, allows easy site navigation and has a complete text editor with image and document upload.

Link Building

As search engine algorithms are considering incoming links to determine the popularity of a website and to increase its ranking, it is essential for your website to acquire valuable links. Links are not just used to determine popularity but also to identify spam and authority, as trustworthy sites tend to link to other trustworthy sites and less to spammy sites. Therefore incoming links might not always be beneficial. Our link building experts will provide continual back links to your site using social media and indexing services but they will also verify older, naturally acquired links to make sure they are hurting your ranking.

Link building


ReportingReporting is an essential element of a successful SEO strategy not just because marketing directors need to have justification for the money spent but also because it helps us analyze the efficiency of our work and make necessary adjustments. Monthly or sixty day reports can reveal increased traffic, increased number of pages per visit, increased time spent on site, increased conversion, decreased bounce rate and of course higher ranking. We can also report on individual keywords and the traffic they bring as well as the conversion rate coming from specific pages related for example to different services or offices in different locations.

Consulting services

ConsultingAt Scoompy Inc. we provide a great variety of SEO consulting services for our clients, including the development of a SEO strategy; implementation guidelines; software recommendation to keep track, analyze and improve your keyword ranking; keyword research and analysis, to identify the best keywords to optimize your site for; competitive analysis of your closest competitors; link building; redesign guidance and SEO and link building audit. For more information on our search engine optimization or consulting services please contact our office today.

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