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Social Media Management Services For Your Firm.

Social media venues include besides the well known Facebook, Twitter and YouTube other blogs, forums and social bookmark communities to name just a few. At Scoompy Inc. we’ll use various social media channels to reach the specific goals of your online marketing campaign. We’ll discuss your social media strategy, create social profiles, constantly ad relevant blog posts and use forums to interact with customers as well as track the results of your campaign.


Why Social Media Marketing?

whySocial Media Marketing has become an important part of all online marketing campaigns as it provides a huge marketing opportunity. Used correctly, social media allows you to engage current customers through multiple channels, to build an online personality that customers like or to create transparency regarding your business and services. Social media can also be used to gain new customers although this is not its prime goal.

YouTube Marketing

The popularity of internet video sites like YouTube has increased considerably during the last couple of years, but the domain became also highly competitive. Creating a video presentation of your company or services can be a successful strategy as long as your video is useful and findable both on YouTube and outside it, on regular search listings. We can help you create professional videos about various subjects from company presentation to how to type videos or even frequently asked questions. To make your video findable, we’ll:

  • y marketingadd your targeted keywords in the title

  • provide your video with a complete, keyword rich description, starting with your URL

  • add all related keywords in the tags field

Besides these set-up options other factors like page views, comments and likes will also increase your visibility. By customizing the background using the colors that match your brand and adding a playlist with your best content we can create a branded experience for your viewers without having to pay to become a YouTube partner. We can also add annotations to your videos, including clickable call to actions or links to other websites, to actually increase conversion rate.

Facebook Marketing

Facebook is a powerful social media tool for those who know how to use it properly. Despite common believe simply setting up a Facebook page is not going to increase ranking, popularity or sales. Your business page should contain the following features to serve your marketing goals properly:

  • have creative wall posts

  • be regularly updated with fresh content

  • use pictures that help engage friends and followers, possibly with links to the main website

  • support a cause

  • run a contest to actively involve your visitors

  • use Facebook apps to keep the page interesting


With our professional support Facebook can promote your site, encourage your products to go viral, generate a community for your company and increase traffic, sales and brand awareness.

Twitter marketing

twitterAs the popularity of Twitter is growing with 200 million active users, so does the need to keep up with it and the possibility to use it as part of your online marketing campaign. Twitter can be very efficient in keeping you connected with your customers, to find out if they have any complaints regarding your business or even to solve these issues online. Clients can also provide you with feedback on how to optimize your services or improve your products.

Twitter can sustain your branding efforts as well, as long as you present yourself as a real person and not just a company logo. It is a free and efficient way to inform your clients about special offers, discounts or any news or updates regarding your company. By following the tweets of your competitors you can get a good idea about what is trending in your business area or you can provide better offers to attract customers.

Facebook Apps

facebook appFacebook generally is a great social media marketing channel, but free Facebook apps can provide even greater benefits for your business. According to the new Facebook regulations your cover photo can no longer be promotional and you can no longer attract non fans to like your page. There are however several apps that can direct visitors to take action.

Before we start creating custom apps for your page it is imperative to discuss your goals regarding these apps. They can be helpful in many ways, including:

  • to create a welcome page

  • to provide or to display content

  • to collect leads

  • to create an e-commerce opportunity

Adding videos to these apps is also recommended as a good way to connect with your visitors. Once your goals are established, we’ll create these apps for you in a way to drive traffic, by using strong call to actions in both the apps name and image. For more information about Facebook apps or generally about social media marketing services, please contact our office today.

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