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Content writing is one of the basic on-page optimization techniques used in SEO. Beyond SEO benefits the content of your website is highly important as it has the potential capacity to reach a large audience.


Why Content & Email Marketing?

whyWebsite content, press releases and blog posts with interesting and relevant information are easily available means to connect your company to potential clients. Our email marketing service can just as efficiently and cost effectively promote your services, generate sales and build business relationships through successful newsletter campaigns.

Content Writing

Before any content can be written our SEO specialists will develop a network of keywords and determine the exact key phrases each page will be optimized for. We’ll make sure your website has relevant and unique content for every subpage and that keywords are mentioned several times on the page but without having a keyword stuffed content that can look annoying for readers. Keywords should be included in titles, subtitles, meta descriptions and image texts but their density should not be higher than 1 keyword for 100 words.

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We know that content writing is not the same as writing for a personal blog, so we’ll stay on topic and present relevant and useful information for your readers, remembering however that website visitors are usually not experts in your company’s area of activity, so a highly technical language will be avoided. Besides being informative and interesting your content should also be accessible so we’ll add several headings and lists to keep your visitors reading. Content might be an important element search engine algorithms consider, but it is still written for people and not for engines.

Press Release Services

press releaseDespite recent announcements made by Google regarding the efficiency of press releases in SEO strategies, companies continue to report high ranking and traffic due to this technique. The fact is that in order to produce results, press release services must be based on a consistent knowledge and effort. A good press release gets syndicated to other highly regarded sites, resulting in a higher ranking on Google News. A good press release can result in other visitors reading it, blogging about it and linking back to it. These secondary links can then increase the ranking of your main website.

At Scoompy Inc. our team of specialists creates press releases with truly relevant content, announcing something new about your company or about your area of activity. We use a journalistic style with images and videos, and we avoid obvious sales materials and keyword density, only subtly guiding the reader towards your services.


Most website owners are nowadays aware that blogging is necessary if they wish to reach and maintain high ranking and high visibility. We advise our clients to integrate the blog as part of their existing website, to use WordPress as it already has several SEO basics, to include author pages and related post links and to post frequently, at least one post per week. Our professional blogging services can provide several advantages for your website, including:

  • Allows you to rank in blog search as well in regular and local search results, resulting in higher visibility

  • Attracts an audience that is likely to interact with you

  • Helps you develop a more friendly and approachable online image

  • Provides you with a mean to protect your online reputation in case negative comments appear

  • Provides material for your social media campaign

  • Provides constant, fresh content for your website, increasing its ranking

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Email Marketing Services

The purpose of a successful email advertising campaign is to keep in touch with your former clients, keep them informed about your services and products and to keep them coming back. It is an easy, affordable and effective online advertising technique. Our email marketing service provides you with strategic planning, email design and production, email distribution and tracking reporting. Our high impact professional looking emails will drive focused traffic and strengthen the connection with your customers. We can also provide your website with an auto responder tool, to make sure your new customers will start receiving your emails and newsletters as well.


For more information about our services please contact our office today or check out our success stories, proof of our professionalism.

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