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Video Marketing

80% of customers recall watching a video ad on a website they visited in the past 30 days.

Video marketing services for your business.

At Scoompy Inc. we know how videos increase the organic ranking of web pages on the major search engines and how they improve conversion rate. However in order to truly benefit from online videos they have to be properly optimized regardless of their purpose or the sites they are posted to.


Why Reputation Management?

whyWe provide our clients with professional video production for their own website, for social media sites or e-commerce purposes; we upload them to high traffic sites and optimize them to be easily noticeable. Besides increasing ranking and traffic quality videos can present a company as a trusted source of information but also highlight its human side, transforming it into an opportunity that should not be overlooked.

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Video Sharing

Besides the benefits videos can have for the ranking of your main website, video sharing is also a great way of increasing the ranking through back links generated by videos uploaded to highly popular video sites like:

  • video sharingYouTube

  • Revver

  • HowCast

  • Vimeo


  • Daily Motion

  • Y!Videos

In addition to improving ranking video sharing sites increase your visibility simply by being some of the most popular sites on the web. Before uploading your video to these sites we’ll optimize them for targeted keywords, just like any other content. We use keywords in the file name, the title, the tags, in the URL as well as in the brief description of the video to make them easily searchable. We also use various video distribution services to deploy your videos to the top sharing sites.

Video Marketing

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Video marketing is predicted to be one of the most successful online marketing strategies in the following years. Videos are an ideal way of communicating your marketing message, to educate your customers about a specific service or to present an overall image of your company. We know how important it is to create not just high quality and useful videos but also catchy ones, as viewers tend to click away in just 10 seconds after watching an unattractive video. Messages should be presented in an attractive, useful but also concise manner, as viewers generally spend no more than five minutes on the same video. We edit your raw footage, including special effects and call to actions, optimize them for high ranking and upload them to various high traffic sites to ensure maximum visibility.

Social Video

social videoSocial video is an integrated component of a successful online marketing campaign. Videos have the power to engage viewers more than texts or images and you can target an audience that wouldn’t spend the time to read articles or comments. Videos posted on your Facebook page will generate more likes, shares and comments than any other type of material would, and increase the chances of viewers visiting your main webpage. We’ll break up your long videos to several short ones to keep your viewers wanting more, add transcripts to make sure your message is clearly understood and add features to allow viewers to post comments and share content. By tweeting your videos you can also achieve higher visibility and increased impact on your business.

Mobile Video

The fact that video converts much better than text and images combined with the increasing number of individuals accessing web pages from their mobile devices, makes mobile video optimization a valuable investment. We convert your videos to all types of extensions so they can properly work on different mobile devices and optimize their loading time to provide your visitors with an ideal mobile experience. For further details about our video SEO services please contact our office today.

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100 Million internet users watch online video each day!

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It takes only 10 second to grab the attention of viewers in a video marketing clip.

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