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Pay per click management services for your business.

PPC or Pay Per Click is an internet advertising model. Website owners bid on a chosen group of keywords. Their ads are then displayed on the first page of search engine result listings, in the sponsored area of the page, before organic results, every time a user types the chosen words into the search query. Website owners pay the established amount for each click they receive. The key is finding the cheapest keywords that will drive more traffic.


Why Pay Per Click Management?

whyPPC is a very efficient advertising model, despite the fact that ads receive fewer clicks than organic results on the same page. However there is a higher probability that visitors who choose paid results are in the purchase phase of their search and their visit will actually result in benefits for your business.

Campaign development

PPC campaigns are very efficient as first page ranking is achieved in just a couple of hours. However in order to avoid excessively high bills towards search engines, these campaigns have to be carefully developed. If you chose our professional PPC services we’ll complete various stages to make sure your high visibility increases your traffic and conversion rate without exceeding your budget.

campaignOur team will carefully analyze your company profile and discuss your goals as well as the budget and the estimated traffic. We’ll perform a keyword analysis and select relevant keywords, considering their traffic and bid value. Keywords are then categorized according to:

  • geographic location

  • bid value

  • traffic

  • theme

We’ll also establish a list of negative keywords, for which you do not want your ad to be listed. Various ad groups are then created for different products and keywords and the appropriate landing pages are established and created or optimized. Every ad will have several versions for testing, all having attractive, keyword reach titles and descriptive texts. Once these stages completed your campaign can be up and running in a couple of hours.

Campaign management

campaign managementOnce active, a PPC campaign has to be constantly monitored and changes have to be performed to achieve and maintain optimum results. Our keyword conversion tracking code will allow us to identify keywords that bring more traffic to your site, traffic that results in actual purchase. We’ll be performing various A/B testing of your ads, closely monitor keyword bid value and keep you informed about new opportunities. A/B testing is an experimental marketing technique. We’ll develop two similar versions of your ads that differ only by one element that can influence the behavior of your visitors. Then we will test both versions to see which one is more beneficial to your PPC campaign.

Through negative keyword management we’ll analyze whether any of your previously determined negative keywords is actually affecting traffic. For example you might have free as negative keyword, but it could be blocking searches with the query additive free products. Our PPC management team will also include new negative keywords to your list, if necessary. For example, if a frequently misspelled word can get users interested in something else actually click on your ad, we will mark the word as negative keyword and save you money by reducing useless traffic.


reportingReporting is an essential part of any pay per click campaign. It provides you with total control over your campaign and budget. We guaranty you’ll have measurable results, through our monthly, detailed reports regarding:

  • overall and detailed account performance

  • historical performance

  • keyword performance report

  • conversion analysis

  • financial report

Besides these standard reports our PPC campaign specialists are also available to provide useful answers for your campaign related concerns and to assist you with explanations and ideas whenever needed. To find out more about our services and PPC campaign options please contact our office today.

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