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Social Media Layouts for Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn 2014

Social Media Layouts for Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn 2014

Social media has become more and more important in the world of business and many business owners choose to extend their brand recognition with the help of social networks and business networking. If you have decided to try social media for your business, you should know that although all social media platforms look similar, they work in the same manner for all users, helping them spread their message, brand and business image.

Many business owners take advantage of the content part provided by each social media platform to talk about their business but not many take advantage of the opportunities these social media platforms offer through their visual features, the most important being the Logo and Cover image.

These two important elements help you extend your visibility across the website if you have a newly created social media account. The main purpose is strengthening your brand consistency across the web. These being said, before you hire yourself a designer or you personally start designing your logo and cover image, you will need to know the layouts and required image sizes on these platforms. In this blog, we will talk about the logo and cover layout and sizes of the 4 main social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn.

Facebook Logo and Cover Layout Sizes


Logo: 180 x 180px (or higher maintaining the 1:1 aspect ratio)

? ? ? ? ? ?160 x 160px is the displayed size, keep that in mind. Some parts of your logo might not be displayed!

Cover:?851 x 315px (Attention: when designing and follow the blueprint above, do not put anything important in the log area, as it will not be visible!)

Twitter Logo and Cover Layout Sizes


Logo:?500 x 500px

Cover: 1500 x 500px (Attention: again, follow the blueprint above, do not put important information in the ?NOT VISIBLE? area.)

Google+ Logo and Cover Layout Sizes


Logo: 250 x 250px

Cover: 1010 x 608px (recommended) or 2120 x 1192px (maximum size)

LinkedIn Logo and Cover Layout Sizes


Cover Image: 646 x 220px

Horizontal Logo: 100 x 60px

Company Logo: 50 x 50px

The way logos, fonts and colors work together on social media platforms is an important part of gaining brand attention. Make sure that everything fits together, is easy to read and in the same time creative with a custom touch of your business. A picture is a thousand words ? make sure your visual content is impeccable and watch your business grow! Contact us today at 760.696.6083 for Search Engine Marketing that actually works.

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