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Reputation Management

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Reputation management
Online reputation management services for your firm.

Reputation management is an online marketing technique consisting in various practices that help companies reduce or eliminate negative reviews or postings. As reports have shown 83% of customers read online reviews before purchasing a product or service. Even companies that provide high quality, flawless services might find themselves in the situation of a competitor or former employee posting negative reviews.


Why Reputation Management?

why reputation managemntOne single unsatisfied client is enough to damage a company’s reputation to a level future clients will question their reliability. Therefore reputation management is an essential element of every successful online marketing campaign.

Although various methods are available, reputation management is basically performed using two distinctive techniques: protection and repairing. Protection is of course recommended before repairing is needed, because without having a personal relationship to the site owner or a court order, removing negative reviews from the internet is not possible. There are however other available solutions our team can implement to clear your reputation and protect your business.

Protecting online reputation

As intact online reputation is more important than ever, you should make sure it is protected properly. One of the best ways to keep control over your reputation is to encourage clients express their opinion about your services on your own website that you own and control. This way you’ll have the chance to:

  • explain why the client had unrealistic expectations

  • solve the problem with the client

  • apologize for the inconvenience

All these tactics will present you in a favorable light for your new customers. Not to mention that you can simply delete negative reviews from your own website.


Having your own blog and keeping it updated is also a good way to protect your online reputation. Posting interesting and useful information from your area of expertise and actively responding to your reader’s questions or comments will result in high ranking pages, making negative reviews less visible and damaging. If you decide to use our reputation management service, besides constantly providing your blog with unique, relevant and highly interesting content we’ll also install an email alert to make sure every time you or your company’s name pops-up somewhere on the web, you’ll know about it and have the chance to act in a timely manner.


Repairing online reputation


Repairing online reputation is not an easy task, but with sufficient experience and hard work it can be done efficiently. Even if the damaging content cannot be removed from the web, our team uses a great variety of techniques to push these pages down in ranking and make them difficult to find. Some of these methods include:


  • We’ll install different features on your main website to encourage positive reviews

  • Once you received positive reviews we’ll optimize them, to make sure they rank higher than negative ones

  • We’ll register social profiles on your name and optimize them to rank high as well

  • We’ll develop an author bio that will be listed every time your company appears on a news article, or receives mentions or references

  • We keep your professional blog updated with relevant, unique and useful content to encourage visitors to leave comments or to blog about it and increase its ranking by doing so

  • If your company has been involved in a social event, made a donation or supports any group or organization, we’ll make sure high ranking news articles will appear on the web

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