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About Hilda

Hilda Mateiu has spent the last 10 years helping clients generate more traffic for their businesses, increase their sales and better manage their websites. As a San Diego based expert in Search Engine Optimization, Hilda is the person behind the business development of many companies and she believes experience matters the most. Her long term goal is to become a well known SEO expert worldwide.

Hilda studied Computer Science at the Babes-Bolyai University in Cluj Napoca, Romania and subsequently Business Management and Marketing at the Spiru Haret University, located in the same city. She started working as a Web Developer/Web Designer in 2004 at a Cluj Napoca based company, designing and implementing web pages for various regional and national corporate clients.

Due to her education, experience and willingness to succeed, Hilda managed to specialize in a great number of fields, including:

Later on, she worked as a Web Designer and Developer for healthcare and medical businesses and organizations, becoming one of the most known Web Experts in the online medical field. From 2010 on, Hilda started working as a SEO Strategist, Consultant and Expert for companies such as BugButton, LLC, eJustice and CPA Market. More than 90% of San Diego businesses own a website, so SEO services are essential for obtaining a higher page rank through more traffic and more customers.

Hilda is very professional in her approach and committed to what she says she can do.  Our keyword positions improved within a month and helped a decreasing business stabilize.  Thank you for all your efforts!

Although Hilda mainly handled websites of medical and legal companies, her knowledge in both Computer Science and in the Marketing field can be extremely useful for all entrepreneurs looking to boost their company image, page rank and other aspects of the company. Hilda spent a considerable amount of time managing both large web projects and smaller businesses, and by optimizing each website, she managed to turn them into top ranking pages in major search engines.

Several online businesses became highly successful due to her work and commitment, clients reporting that her consulting services have brought fast results. Hilda has also published several articles on subjects regarding website redesign, effective SEO practices and SEO strategies, offering future clients and all those interested helpful information about the benefits of hiring a SEO specialist, how to find the right consultant who can guarantee more visibility and higher ranking for company websites, and the cost of delivering such services. Her publications and articles can be found at Amazines, Business Highlight, Ezine Articles, Go Articles, PRWeb and Top News Today.

Working as an SEO Expert & an SEO Consultant for the past few years I've learned that experience matters the most. Taking the right decisions and assuming major responsibilities are some of my everyday tasks when it comes to rankings and placement in Google's SERPS.

I take pride in my achievements and put a LOT of effort into my work, hence the results for top placement rankings in the most competitive online niches.

One of my long term goals is to become a well known SEO worldwide and to establish a larger business that offers SEO services all over San Diego County.

Hilda Mateiu